February 15-18



Light and dark. February marks an amazing time of change. The mountains emerge from the dark and embrace Longyearbyen. We find ourselves in the magical period of ’blue light’ that presages the return of the sun.

Longyearbyen is a place of great contrasts. Experience some of Norway's finest soloists and the Arctic Philharmonic, when they play surrounded by the intense cold of a mighty, primordial landscape. Then indoors to a warm fire. Sit down in a cosy atmosphere to a hearty meal of locally sourced produce. These impressions are further strengthened with music, specially picked for this occasion. The contrasts of music and nature trigger strong feelings. Light and dark typifies life at the 78th parallel. After a long period of darkness, the light is growing day by day. You feel it in your body. Your thoughts flow free. Seeking out the polar landscape.

What effect does nature have on us? What kind of thoughts come to us in the space between light and dark?

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