Tchaikovsky | Sibelius | Haydn



February 15, 2018

6:00 pm

NB! New time: 6:00 pm / Welcome to the official kick-off concert for the festival! We will present to you a collection of great masterpieces of the north, - presented by Norwegian star string soloists Truls Mørk and Henning Kraggerud, together the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

Sibelius , Haydn, Tchaikovsky. Joy, serenity, melancholy, vigour and virtuosity!

One of the most beautiful northern pieces written for strings, - the "Andante Festivo", will make the start on 4 days of classical music at Svalbard.

Words that can be used to describe Tchaikovsky's music is vigorous, joyful, lyrical, gracious, majestic and brilliant. 

Haydn is one of the world’s best known composers from the classical period, and often called "the father of the symphony". His "concerto" for cello and orchestra will be performed by world renowned Norwegian cellist, Truls Mørk.

Soloist: Truls Mørk, violin cello

Leader: Henning Kraggerud, violin

Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (NOSO)

Jean Sibelius, Andante Festivo

Joseph HaydnConcerto in C Major, no. 1

Peter Tchaikovsky, Serenade for strings op. 48

Duration 60 min

We have changed the time of this concert, so that the audience can make it to the next event - Winemakers Dinner at Funken.

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