Real arctic passion

The Arctic Philharmonic is the orchestra that forms a base for the whole festival. The Arctic Philharmonic’s home base comprises the entire Northern Norway and the High North, thus Longyearbyen is a natural location for the northernmost professional orchestra.

During the Arctic ChamberMusic Festival, you will meet the musicians from the Arctic Philharmonic in different constellations and on a variety of locations in Longyearbyen.

The structure of the orchestra is unique and innovative – both in Norway and in the rest of the world. Located in two arctic cites, Bodø and Tromsø – and still with the whole northern region as its arena.

The High North with its nature and history is a strategic fundament for the Arctic Philharmonic. This is reflected in our programming work, the marketing and communications – and all the way to the concert experience. The Arctic is the core in both the visual and the artistic profile.

The orchestra strives to be as raw and real as the surrounding nature, and each musician tries to reach the outer limits of their performance and communication with the audience.Together, they search for the perfect unison.

The orchestra presentsaround 150 performances and concerts each year, with the orchestra’s musicians alternating between different ensemble formats on a regular basis.

Arctic Philharmonic, photo by Yngve Olsen Sæbbe.

Arctic Philharmonic, video by Prosit Film.