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Svalbard Museum


June 8, 2019

11:30 am

Welcome to an inspiring and philosofical time at Kunsthall Svalbard and Svalbard Museum. Join us in transforming an art piece by the renowed sami artist Iver Jåks, followed by an intriguing, arctic love story narrated by Museum Director Tora Hultgren. After the two sessions, a string octet from the Arctic Philharmonic will perform a marvellous piece by the Norwegian composer Johan Svendsen.

11.30 Luottat by Iver Jåks, a transformation, session led by curator Irene Snarby, art historian.

12:00 Svalbard Museum - The love story of André, narrated by archaeologist and Director of Svalbard Museum, Tora Hultgren.

12.30 String Octet from the Arctic Philharmonic orchestra - String Octet by the Norwegian composer Johan Svendsen.

please note - this event is daytime, starting 11.30 am

free admission

Luottat means traces in Northern Sámi, and this exhibition shows a selection of Sámi art from Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum’s collection, dating from the past three decades to the present. Central to the display is a large installation by Iver Jåks, a pioneering figure of Sámi art who remains a reference point and inspiration for younger generations.

Jåks’s installation is an experimental work of art with no fixed compositional form. During the course of this exhibition, we are deconstructing and reconstructing it a number of times together with curators, artists, school children and other members of the public. Like many of the other pieces in this exhibition, Jåks’s work raises questions about our understandings of and relationships to art – its traditions, meaning, politics, aesthetics and functions.

The first iteration of «Free Reconstruction of Two Installations» by Iver Jåks (photo NNKM)

While indigenous peoples such as the Sámi inhabit most of the circumpolar north, Svalbard is one of the few places in the Arctic that does not have an indigenous population. What does it mean to exhibit these works of Sámi art in Longyearbyen? What might this art have to say about important Arctic issues such as natural resources, land ownership, national sovereignty and the environment?

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