World premiere | OLBMOT

Shadows from the past

Longyearbyen Kulturhus


February 6, 2020

6:00 pm

World premiere of the play OLBMOT/FOLK. Olbmot/People is an artistic response to happenings from our nearpast, a result of several stories and many different people.

“Shadows from the past

something has happened that still follows us

something is stuck

some have more shadows than others”


Olbmot/Peopleis a collection of fabrications of historical events as a response to what isstill stuck and continuing. The texts consist of several glimpses from thehistory of racial biology. It moves historically over several places and times.

It doesn´t have a social policy objective, it´s not documentarism,journalism or desire for facts. The play is a result of many and differentpeople. Olbmot/People don´t have only one moral, it doesn´t point toonly one solution. It´s a collection of phrasings, words, thoughts andsubjective sounds in response to the shadows of the past.


A play by Jon Tombre

Director's assistant& Stage manager: Marte Fjellheim Sarre

Sounddesigner: Eirik Blekesaune
Texts: LarsGöran Pettersson
Animator: SabinaJacobsson
Musiccoordinator: Roger Ludvigsen
Starringon stage: Egil Keskitalo, Eila Ballovara Varsi, Ole ThomasNilut, Anja Saiva Bongo Bjørnstad, Nils Henrik Buljo, Anitta Suikkari, Jan CatoNilut
Musicians– Arctic Philharmony: Hallvard Steinhovden, Ingeborg S.Torvanger, Sveinung Lillebjerka, ElisabethTurmo      


Duration: ca. 60 min. World Premiere: 06.2. 2020 – Svalbard. Incollaboration with  ArktiskFilharmoni

Cast and staff behind OLBMOT.
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