Dates for ACMF 2020


September 16, 2019

by AP

A Peterson

| Photo by

Yngve Olsen Sæbbe

In 2020 we will be looking at "the extremes" as a theme for the festival. Why are some people drawn towards the extremes? Weather it is living and performing as artists, or it is chosing to live in an extreme environment. Can we see the extreme in our way of living and how it affects nature?

The festival will open with the world premiere of the Sami National Theatre, Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáh, in collaboration with the Arctic Philharmonic -with the theatre play "Olbmot". The play will be opening on the Sami People National Day, in Longyearbyen Kulturhus on February 6th.

The festival will have seminars, debates, film screening, sound art installations and of course concerts and excursions.

Follow us on FaceBook to stay up to dates the events coming up. There will be a package tour offer, for those travelling from afar.

More info to come in August 2019.

The festival days will be between February 6th and 13th 2020 in Longyearbyen.

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