Stjerneøye: A children's tale


October 31, 2017

by AP

A Peterson

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Sun. Nov 12th at 12.00 noon: Stjerneøye is a children's fairy tale, written by outstanding Finnish children’s writer Zacharias Topelius (1818-98).

A Sami woman loses her child as she flees on a sleigh from a pack of angry wolves on a dark and starry polar night. It must have been God’s will that the child was not eaten by the wolves or froze to death because, by chance, a Finnish settler came along and saved the child. The man took the young girl to the warm home he shared with his wife. They later baptised the child Elisabeth, but when the priest saw into the child’s eyes, he was overwhelmed, and told her parents they should call her Stjerneøye (Starry Eyes). As the years went by, the child grew older and many unusual things happened. They soon realised the child was clairvoyant and had supernatural abilities.

Inspired by Topelius and his stories, violinist Henning Kraggerud composed several short musical themes, including Nordic folk tones and more energetic pieces.

The story and the music are combined into a 30-minute performance for children (recommended for children aged 6 and over).

When: Sun. Nov. 12th at 12.00 noon

Where: Longyearbyen Kulturhus

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