Polar Night Baroque


October 4, 2017

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Sat. Nov 11th at 20.00 hrs: As we enter the dark season and the Polar Night, join us to a beautiful concert with Bachs' masterpiece The Goldberg Variations.

Lead by Artistic Director and world renouned violinist Henning Kraggerud, we present you The Goldberg Variations performed at one of Longyearbyens most significant venues, Huset, in Nybyen.

The Goldberg Variatons is a keyboard suite originally written for harpsichord, which was published in 1741. Bach composed these variations for one of his pupils who was employed as a harpsichordist at the Russian Embassy. The ambassador, Count Keyserling, suffered from insomnia and wanted to be played to sleep! The Count was so impressed with the work that he presented Bach with a golden goblet filled with 100 louis-d’or, which is believed to be the largest reward Bach ever received for a composition.

The suite consists of an aria and 30 relatively short variations. In recent times, the work is best known through the recordings of pianist Glenn Gould. A version for string quintet will be performed at this concert with Artistic Director Henning Kraggerud as leading concertmaster and narrator. Musicians from the world's northernmost professional orchestra, the Arctic Philharmonic.

Treat yourself to a beautiful concert as we approach the darkest time of the year. 

When: Saturday, November 12th 2017 at 20.00hrs

Where: Huset, Longyearbyen

Duration: 60 min.

Tickets: 270 NOK

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